Sell WhatInspires You

Inspired By Brands is an innovative Business Develoment platform that uses machine learning to match local retailers with the brands of products that uniquely fit their stores. We are using the power of technology to connect brands and boutiques from all over the world, building a thriving community of over 1,000 small business owners.



Dedicated teamsas a growth engine

IoT, AI, blockchain and other new technologies have made our toolkit even groovier. Across 20+ industries, we deliver leading-edge applications for startups and large scale businesses. Just share your idea with us and we’ll show you the cards.

Piecing together the best

The iTechArt team juggles libraries, frameworks, languages, and emerging technologies– all while walking a thin line between proven and innovative software development approaches.

The industry’s next top model

Depending on your project requirements, we engage a dedicated team to meet your specific objectives. Our team successfully prioritizes workload to meet the tightest deadlines.

Playing by the rules

User experience, accessibility, security, regulatory compliance, and data issues — all of those matter in how our solutions are designed and executed. We craft applications that perfectly fit you and your domain.

Winning the dev talent war

Our strength is in our team members. There is no single type of person we employ at iTechArt: left- and right-brainiacs, from all different interests and backgrounds, united by a passion for delivering faultless products.

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